Electric Waxing of Floors


    Helios, a German electrical trade journal printed in Leipzig, gives descriptions in three parallel columns in German, French and English respectively of the latest electrical devices. In the issue for November 19 an interesting description is given of tests on an electric floor-waxing device, with and without a suction apparatus for the simultaneous collection of dust. The tests were carried out in the laboratories of several universities as well as in commercial test rooms. When the suction device was used there was no appreciable change in the percentage of dust in the air caused by the whirling of the waxing apparatus. When no suction device was employed the percentage of dust in the air increased as much as seven to eight times the normal quantity. In this case the dust on the floor was whirled upwards by the waxing machine. With the suction device it is not necessary to clean the room so often and there is no need to have a special vacuum cleaner. The dust which settles on furniture prolongs the work of cleaning, and certain works of art are damaged, while it is also a menace to health. In many workshops the dust impairs the quality of the finished goods. The floor-waxing machine with suction device should prove specially useful in hotels, hospitals and sanatoriums.

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