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Dr. Julius Schmidt


WE regret to learn from the Chemiker-Zeitung of the death of Dr. Julius Schmidt, extra-ordinary professor of organic chemistry at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart and director of the Chemistry Laboratory at the Höhere Maschinen-bauschule in Esslingen, aged sixty-one years. A native of Baiersdorf in Bavaria, Schmidt studied under Knorr at the University of Jena and graduated in 1894. In 1900 he was appointed lecturer in organic chemistry at Stuttgart, where he carried out numerous investigations in the field of organic chemistry. His researches dealt particularly with nitroso-compounds, oximes and quinones, and with derivatives of phenanthrene and fluorene. He was also the author of numerous books and pamphlets on alkaloids, quinones, nitroso-compounds, organic magnesium compounds and pyrazoles. He also published a handbook of organic chemistry, which has been translated into English, and a yearbook of organic chemistry.

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