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Physical Bibliographies

Nature volume 131, page 615 (29 April 1933) | Download Citation



THE recent issue of the index numbers of the physics and the electrical engineering volumes of Science Abstracts completes these volumes for the year 1932. The physics volume deals with 5,364 abstracts in 1,316 pages and the electrical engineering one with 2,926 in 756 pages. While the latter is slightly larger than the 1931 volume and author and subject indexes are on the same lines as in previous years, the former is about twenty per cent larger and its subject index has been greatly improved and its length increased about twenty-eight per cent to 197 pages. Physics papers are divided into eight main classes, each class into sections, with key-headings, and each section into sub-groups with sub headings. For example, a mainc lass?general physics? has twenty-one key-headings, one of which is elasticity and plasticity. This has ten sub-headings, two of which are photoelasticity and vibrations, with cross references to acoustics, piezoelectricity, seismology and thermodynamics. The key-headings are arranged in alphabetical order throughout the index. These improvements will be welcomed by users of the volume. The Revue Bibliographique of the Journal de Physique for 1932 is not yet completed but the volume for 1931 devoted approximately 130 pages to the subject index, 160 to author index and 850 to abstracts. In the subject index the whole of the sections under a class appear together and are divided into sub-sections or groups.

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