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Sunspots and Meteorological Phenomena

Nature volume 131, pages 591592 (22 April 1933) | Download Citation



IN a monograph entitled “L'lnfluence Solaire et les Progres de la Météorologie”* Henri Memery advances the theory that sunspots show a tendency to increase and decrease at certain definite times of the year, and that this tendency is shown whatever period of years is considered. He suggests further that there is a relationship between the amount of sunspot development and numerous terrestrial dis turbances, for example, spells of abnormal rainfall and temperature, and also between individual groups of sunspots and meteorological phenomena. Fifty years of solar and meteorological observations made at the Observatoire de Physique solaire et de Météorologie, Talence, provide a large part of the experimental data on which his views are based.

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