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Actinometric Bibliography

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    THE Association of Meteorology of the International Union for Geodesy and Geophysics, at its Stockholm meeting in 1930, gave a subvention for the preparation of a bibliography, or rather a series of short abstracts, of papers on actinometry. These are prepared under the supervision of M. Wehrlé, secretary of the Association, at the French National Meteorological Office, by M. Volochine; where possible, the abstract is provided by the author, and English, French, and German versions of the abstracts are available, at the choice of subscribers. Each abstract is on a single leaflet, of convenient size for binding; the leaflets are well reproduced by lithography from typescript. The normal annual number of leaflets will be 300—400, but the bibliography is to be retrospective, covering the last thirty years; this work, involving about 2000 leaflets, being planned to occupy about two years. The leaflets are to be sent to subscribers in packets of fifty. Subscriptions are invited, though the amount of subscription will not be fixed until the demand for the leaflets is ascertained; it is expected, however, to be about 120 francs per year (for 400 leaflets), and 600 francs-for the retrospective bibliography (for 2000 leaflets). Intending subscribers should write to M. Wehrlé, at TOffice Nationale Météorologique, Paris.

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