Table 1: Example of Training Procedure for the Attentional Set-Shifting Task

From: Gestational Methylazoxymethanol Acetate Treatment Impairs Select Cognitive Functions: Parallels to Schizophrenia

Simple (SD)O1+O2−
Compound (CD)O1/T1+O2/T2−
Reversal 1O2/T2+O1/T1−
Intradimensional shiftO3/T3+O4/T4−
Reversal 2O4/T3+O3/T4−
Extradimensional shiftT5/O5+T6/O6−
Reversal 3T6/O5+T5/O6−
  1. Example of the procedure followed for the attentional set-shifting task. The left column depicts stage of training (type of discrimination), while the middle column depicts the exemplar combinations used for that stage of training, and the right column indicates the particular stimuli used. O and T refer to odor and texture, respectively, and the plus and minus signs indicate which exemplar combination was paired with reward (+) or no reward (−). In this particular case, odor was initially the relevant dimension and the extradimensional shift (EDS) involved a shift to texture. This was counterbalanced such that some animals received texture first and had to make an EDS to odor.