Pendleton Earth-shake of Jan. 16

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    AT about 12.30 A.M. on Jan. 16, slight earth-shakes were felt in the mining district around Pendleton, near Manchester. The intensity was less than usual (degree 4, Rossi-Forel scale). The disturbed area was roughly circular, about four miles in diameter, with its centre close to the line of the Irwell Valley fault, and about two miles north-west of Pendleton. There can be little, if any, doubt that the earth-shakes of this district are caused by slips along the fault due to the withdrawal of the coal or to other mining operations. The chief interest of the recent shocks is that they disturbed almost exactly the same area as one did on Feb. 27, 1899. On April 7, 1900, a similar shock occurred with its centre a short distance to the southeast, and on Nov. 25, 1905, and May 3, 1931, much stronger shocks, with their centres close to Pendleton, or nearly two miles south-east of the centre of the latest shock.

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    Pendleton Earth-shake of Jan. 16. Nature 129, 164 (1932) doi:10.1038/129164a0

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