Centenary of the Nautical Magazine

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    THE Nautical Magazine this year commemorates its centenary, and the January issue is therefore devoted mainly to a review of the progress of nautical matters during the last hundred years. The journal was founded in 1832, and edited for thirty–eight years, by Commander (afterwards Rear-Admiral) A. B. Becher, an officer who served for many years under Beaufort, the hydrographer to the Navy. The original prospectus of the magazine stated that its contents would be arranged under the four heads, hydrography, voyages, navigation, and nautical miscellany, while on his retirement Becher said that the aim of the magazine had been “to aid anything which might contribute to the seamen's benefit”. Many eminent men of science have contributed to its pages. The names of Sir John Franklin, Lieut. Henry Raper, Sir W. Snow Harris, Lieut. M. F. Maury, James Glaisher, Sir William Thomson (afterwards Lord Kelvin), and Lord Brassey are all to be found among the contributors of the first half of the magazine's career, while in more recent times articles have appeared signed by distinguished officers of both the Royal Navy and the Mercantile Marine. Recognised all over the world as the magazine of the merchant service, the Nautical Magazine has faithfully reflected all the aspects of maritime affairs, the scope and interest of which are well illustrated by the series of articles on navigation, ships, education, meteorology, and other subjects in the centenary number.

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