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    AT the inaugural meeting of the eighty–fifth academic year of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, on Dec. 20, it was reported that His Holiness Pope Pius XL, who was present at the meeting, had decided on the erection of a new hall in which the meetings could be held. After the delivery of the president's introductory address, in which the scientific activities of the past session were briefly reviewed, the awards of the assessors on the twelve papers on “Mendel's Law and Chromosomes”, submitted in competition for a prize of 10,000 lire, were announced. First place, has been accorded to Prof. Paolo Enriquez, of the University of Padua, while the paper of Dr. Fraser Darling, of Edinburgh, and that of Prof. Carlo Jucci are considered worthy of special mention, and are to be published at the expense of the Academy.

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    Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Nature 129, 162 (1932) doi:10.1038/129162a0

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