Infantile Anæmia and Diet

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    THE appearance of a new disease always excites comment, but the disappearance of a common malady may pass without notice. Up to about twenty years ago, a type of simple anæmia, styled ‘chlorosis’, was prevalent among young employed women in Great Britain: it was easily cured by the administration of iron. To-day, with the improvement in the standard of life of working women, the disease appears to have vanished. Recent investigations have shown, however, that a similar type of anæmia occurs amongst infants, which also can be cured by adding iron to the diet.* The anæmia is of the so-called ‘ simple ’ or ‘ chlo-rotic ’ type; it is characterised by a marked reduction in the hæmoglobin percentage of the blood, without other changes.

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    Infantile Anæmia and Diet. Nature 129, 156–157 (1932) doi:10.1038/129156a0

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