Prof. J. C. McLennan, F.R.S

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    THE announcement that Prof. J. C. McLennan, dean of the School of Graduate Studies, professor of physics, and director of the Physical Laboratory at the University of Toronto, has decided to retire and make his home in England, is a matter of international concern. His resignation means the departure from Canada of one of her most distinguished men of science. Someone has said that an institution is an elongated shadqw of a man. Never was this more true than in the case of the Physical Laboratory of the University of Toronto. Its achievements are the work of many men, to whom they have brought deserved recognition. None the less, the laboratory as the entity and organisation which has made it possible is a projection of the personality of Prof. McLennan, and in this sense its achievements are his achievements. He became director of the laboratory under President Loudon in 1904, and professor of physics as successor to President Loudon in 1907. At that time he was the leading spirit of the Alumni Association of the University in a movement which resulted in the obtaining of permanent support for the University from the Government of the Province of Ontario. This led to the establishment of such Organisations as the Faculty Union, the Students' Union, the University Press, and the erection of Convocation Hall and the Physical Laboratory. The interest then aroused has proved to be permanent, as shown by the generous support accorded by the Government of the Province in all plans of development and expansion in the University of recent years.

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