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    A WELL-ATTENDED meeting of British zoologists was held by the Association in the rooms of the Zoological Society of London on Jan. 9, with Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell in the chair. After two papers of technical interest, Mr. J. T. Saunders reported on the institution, at Wray Castle, Windermere, of the laboratory of the Fresh Water Biological Association of the British Empire, and invited visiting naturalists to make use of its facilities for research. Prof. E. W. MacBride pointed out the extreme importance of such research for the purpose of guiding legislation and departmental action on river pollution. Lieut.—Col. R. B. Seymour Sewell gave an account of the origin and history of the Zoological Survey of India, and Mr. G. C. Robson urged the need of a comprehensive survey of the fauna of the British Isles. The Council's action in protesting against the curtailment of staff in the Zoological Survey of India was warmly approved by the Association. The Association welcomed the progress made by the Wray Castle laboratory, and agreed with the views expressed of the national and imperial importance of fresh water research, and the immediate need of further help, financial and technical. The meeting requested the Council to examine practical means to be adopted as to the survey of British fauna.

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    Association of British Zoologists. Nature 129, 89 (1932) doi:10.1038/129089b0

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