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    THE scientific investigation of nutritional problems has attracted so many workers to this field that it is difficult for anyone to keep in touch with advances made in directions other than those in which he is immediately engaged. We therefore welcome the appearance of the first two parts of vol. 1 of Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews. This new journal is issued under the auspices of the Imperial Agricultural Bureaux Council, the Medical Research Council, and the Reid Library of the Rowett Institute, Aberdeen. The editors are Dr. J. B. Orr, Prof. J. J. R. Macleod, and Dr. Harriette Chick. The first number, a double one, contains 351 pages and 1334 abstracts. Reviews are contributed by Sir F. Gowland Hopkins on nutrition and human welfare, Prof. E. P. Cathcart on some of the difficulties in the quantitative assessment of human diets, and Dr. J. B. Orr on the qualitative aspects of nutrition, with special reference to farm animals. The journal will appear quarterly. Abstracts will be made from some 450 periodicals, and the reviews will be of two types, those of a general nature, stating a point of view, as in the present number, and others dealing exhaustively with the present state of knowledge of different aspects of the subject, giving a bibliography of the literature. A hearty welcome may be extended to the new journal, which will be invaluable to workers in this science and of great use as a work of reference.

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