Prof. Alexis Saposhnikoff

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    NEWS has been received that Prof. Alexis Saposhnikoff, the well-known Russian chemist, who, as recorded in NATURE of April 25, 1931, was arrested about a year ago and condemned to ten years' deportation, has had his sentence so far ameliorated that he is transferred daily to the ‘Technical Bureau’ under guard, where he works without pay, returning to prison in Leningrad at night. An escaped prisoner reports that he was confined with the “old Prof. Saposhnikoff. Frequently he gave us lectures on poison gas. He spoke well but I did not understand much. Prof. Saposhnikoff had been in prison for a year. The Interrogatories of the Ogpu took place between eleven and three o'clock. Prof. Saposhnikoff was often disturbed and returned always very anxious. He and others had their food in the common canteen. Nothing was brought to them from outside, and visits were prohibited. It was like being in a tomb.”

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    Prof. Alexis Saposhnikoff. Nature 129, 20 (1932) doi:10.1038/129020c0

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