Sixth International Congress of Genetics

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    ACTIVE preparations are being made for the sixth International Congress of Genetics, to be held at Ithaca, New York, in August 1932. A series of quarterly bulletins of information has been issued and a number of committees has been at work for more than a year, A recent bulletin outlines the arrangements being made with regard to exhibits in connexion with the Congress. Several laboratory rooms will be used for cytological and other genetical exhibits, including recommended varieties of various crop plants. A new feature proposed is a genetical garden of three and a half acres, in which extensive exhibits of Zea, Nicotiana, Œnothera, Antirrhinum, Petunia, Brassica, and Melandrium will be grown from seeds sent by geneticists in all parts of the world who are investigating these genera. Exhibits illustrating fruit breeding will be shown at the Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, New York, and an extensive series concerning human genetics is being arranged in connexion with the Third International Congress of Eugenics, to be held in New York immediately before, on Aug. 21–23. A long series of animal exhibits, including domestic mammals and birds, fishes, insects, and molluscs, is also in preparation, the assembling of each group being in charge of a different person. Arrangements have been made for delegates to book passage on s.s. Westernland at a special rate of 200 dollars for the return voyage.

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    Sixth International Congress of Genetics. Nature 129, 17–18 (1932) doi:10.1038/129017d0

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