Hydro-Electric Power Development in the Pyrenees

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AN interesting and efficient system of electric power generation and distribution, serving the Southern Railway of France (Chemins de Fer du Midi) and a number of important regional industries, has been developed, mainly during the past decade, from the natural water resources of the western Pyrenees. During a recent tour in southern France, I was afforded, through the courtesy of the Midi Company, an opportunity of visiting several of the generating stations, and the following is a brief description of the salient features of the undertaking, known as the Union des Producteurs d'Éilectricité des Pyrénées Occidentales (U.P.E.P.O), which controls more than half a million horse-power, say one-fourth of the total water power developed in France, as registered at the end of 1930. The gross potential water resources of that country are estimated to be between nine and ten million horse-power.

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CUNNINGHAM, B. Hydro-Electric Power Development in the Pyrenees. Nature 129, 11–14 (1932) doi:10.1038/129011a0

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