The Collected Papers of Carl Wilhelm Scheele


    THERE has not previously been available an English account of the investigations of Scheele in a single volume. The present work supplies this defect, and, since it has been translated afresh from the original sources, it also has the character of a critical edition. The edition of Hermbstädt, in German, which has usually been considered authoritative, contains errors not present in the Swedish originals, this latter being the language in which Scheele wrote his memoirs. This is an important point, since it has often been considered that Scheele wrote in German and that the Swedish versions were translated from the German. Dr. Dobbin shows quite conclusively that the opposite course was, in fact, followed. The rugged style of the originals has been preserved in the translation, and although some modifications have been made in the punctuation and division. of sentences, the text reproduces faithfully the individuality of the originals. This was a wise course of procedure and one which is much to be commended. The index is full, and there is a short but adequate appendix of modern equivalents of the chemical names used by Scheele.

    The Collected Papers of Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

    translated from the Swedish and German originals by Dr. Leonard Dobbin. Pp. xvi + 367. (London: G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1931.) 10s. net.

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