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    THE King's birthday Honours List contains the names of the following men of science and others associated with scientific work: Order of Merit: Sir William Bragg, in recognition of his eminent services in the advancement of science. Knights: Dr. J. B. Baillie, vice-chancellor, University of Leeds; Col. S. R. Christophers, director, Central Research Institute, Kasauli; Dr. W. C. D. Dampier-Whetham, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Dr. P. C. Varrier-Jones, founder and Medical Director of Papworth Village Settlement for the Treatment of Tuberculosis; Prof. S. R. Krishnan, King George V. professor of philosophy, University of Calcutta; Prof. H. Lamb, emeritus professor of mathematics in the University of Manchester; Mr. C. R. Peers, president of the Royal Society of Antiquaries; Mr. R. L. Robinson, vice-chairman and technical commissioner, Forestry Commission. C.I.E.: Dr. L. C. Coleman, director of agriculture, Mysore State; Mr. A. McKerral, director of agriculture, Burma; Mr. C. A. Malcolm, chief conservator of forests, Central Provinces, India. C.B.E.: Dr. Kate Barratt, principal of Swanley Horticultural College, Kent; Mr. W. J. Hadfield, city engineer and surveyor, Sheffield, a pioneer in modern developments of highway engineering and road surfacing; Prof. H. M. Hallsworth, David Dale professor of economics, Armstrong College, University of Durham; Dr. Alice Werner, lately professor of Bantu languages at the School of Oriental Studies, London. I.S.O.: Mr. W. H. Moorby, assistant civil engineer-in-chief, Admiralty; Mr. J. B. Scrivenor, director, Geological Survey, Federated Malay States.

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