Forestry Research in Great Britain


I SHOULD like to support the plea put forward in the recent article on forestry research in Great Britain (NATURE, May 16, p. 729) that the Forestry Commissioners should in future take greater cognisance of research on the basal problems of pure science that underlie successful afforestation. As chairman of the Research Committee of the British Association which has been the means of providing Dr. M. C. Rayner with a small measure of assistance for her researches on tree mycorrhiza, I have been brought into intimate contact with one of the fundamental problems that concerns the establishment of forests on land hitherto devoid of trees. I have been greatly impressed with the urgent need for more adequate facilities for this work than can be provided by the very limited funds of the British Association, and I venture to express the hope that the Forestry Commissioners will give sympathetic consideration to the desirability of assisting these investigations.

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BROOKS, F. Forestry Research in Great Britain. Nature 127, 818 (1931).

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