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    THIS book, primarily a guide to the section of Negro art in an exhibition held at Brussels at the end of 1930, consists of two brief but adequate essays on the main characteristics of African art. M. Maes deals with the sculptural art of the Belgian Congo, and Dr. Lavachery with that of the remainder of Africa: a not unfair division of labour in view of the importance of the Congo as an art centre. It will be remembered that from here came the wooden statuettes which have had such a marked effect in modern European art and aesthetics. The plates figure a large number of examples. Excellent as is the text within its limits, the plates alone make this something more than a mere guide-book and worthy of permanent preservation.

    L'Art nègre: à l'Exposition du Palais des Beauxarts du 15 novembre au 31 décembre 1930.

    J. Maes et Dr. H. Lavachery. Pp. 32 + 48 planches. (Paris: Les Éditions G. Van Oest, 1930.) 30 francs.

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