Optical Experiments with Electrons


    IT is now seven years since L. de Broglie brought forward the view of the duality between waves and particles which is now almost universally accepted under the name of wave mechanics, and represents one of the greatest advances in physics of this or any other century. The original treatment was a development of the theory of relativity, but this side of his theory can no longer be kept in its original form. It appears, in fact, that the requirements of relativity are closely connected with the magnetic properties of the electron which gave rise on the older theory to the idea of a ‘spinning electron’ and were not considered by de Broglie. I do not propose to deal with these, and shall give the theory in the approximate form, which is sufficient to explain the experiments I propose to describe.

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    Optical Experiments with Electrons. Nature 127, 798 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127798a0

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