Dr. T. V. Barker


THE death of Dr. T. V. Barker on April 15 after a short illness, at the early age of fifty years, is a serious loss to the study of crystallography in Great Britain. Born in 1881, at Lytham in Lancashire, he went up from Kirkham Grammar School to Exeter College, Oxford. While studying chemistry as an undergraduate, he came under the influence of Sir Henry Miers, then professor of mineralogy at Oxford, and acquired an enthusiastic love for crystals which inspired him throughout his life. He also studied in Munich under Prof. Groth. His election to a senior demyship at Magdalen in 1905 enabled him to devote himself to research, first in Oxford and afterwards in Russia.

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B., H. Dr. T. V. Barker. Nature 127, 788 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127788a0

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