Prof. J. Lorrain Smith, F.R.S


JAMES LORRAIN SMITH was born on Aug. 21, U 1862, the son of the Rev. Walter Smith, of Half-morton, Dumfriesshire. He died in Edinburgh on April 18. As an undergraduate in Edinburgh he achieved considerable distinction in philosophy, and this early training had its influence on all his subsequent work and behaviour. After he took to medicine and had qualified in 1889, he spent some years working at Oxford, Cambridge, Strasbourg, and Copenhagen, mostly on physiological problems and in association with J. S. Haldane. He then went to Belfast as lecturer and afterwards professor of pathology, in 1904 to Manchester, when the combined chair was split into pathology and bacteriology, and finally, in 1912, to Edinburgh as the first professor of pathology who had no duties as a clinical physician.

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