A Manual of Practical Vertebrate Morphology


THIS text-book of practical work in vertebrate morphology covers the course for the first part of the Natural Sciences Tripos at Cambridge. Its contents are as follows. First, directions are given for the examination and dissection of the following types: The lamprey, the skate, the whiting, the auditory ossicles and swim-bladder of the roach, the salamander, the central and sympathetic nervous system of the frog, the lizard, the grass snake, the pigeon, and the brain of the sheep. The authors have not included an account of a general dissection of a mammal, “as many excellent accounts of the dissection of the rabbit are easily available”.

A Manual of Practical Vertebrate Morphology.

J. T. Saunders S. M. Manton. Pp. viii + 220. (Oxford: Clarendon Press; London: Oxford University Press, 1931.) 15s. net.


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