Agricultural Science in Palestine


    WHEN the Zionist organisation began to develop its programme for the colonisation of Palestine, it realised the need for scientific research into agriculture and horticulture and set up an experimental station at Tel-Aviv under the directorship first of Dr. Warburg, and now of Dr. Elazari Volcani. Laboratories were equipped and arrangements made for field experiments in the various parts of the country being colonised under Zionist auspices. As might be expected, the scientific work has been well done and a number of interesting results have already accrued, opening up many possibilities for the future. The Zionists are not the only Jewish investigators in Palestine: the French organisation, known as P.I.C.A., has its school and experimental farm at Mikveh, where good work is done, and there is, of course, the Palestinian Government Department with its headquarters at Jerusalem.


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