The National Institute of Industrial Psychology


    THE tenth annual Report of the National Institute of Industrial Psychology, as we have already indicated (May 2, p. 679), shows steady development of the work of the Institute, despite the prevalent industrial depression. Among the industrial investigations undertaken by the Institute in 1930 were time studies of the various operations of machine moulding in aluminium works, which have led not only to considerable savings in time but also to improvements in the working conditions, particularly in ventilation. Similar results have attended investigations in a calico dyeing and printing works; whilst studies of packing in a chocolate works led to the design of a new bench which increased output by 10 per cent, and also to the introduction of an improved packing method. Other problems examined relate to internal transport in a cotton doubling mill, and the Institutes investigations have been responsible for improvements in the organisation of such varied types of factories as gas works, engineering works, a potted meat and fish paste factory, radio works, rubber products factory, spinning mill, wireless and cable offices, oil distribution company. During the year, investigations conducted for the railways resulted in valuable recommendations for eliminating accidents in goods shunting and for reducingpilf ering and damage to goods.

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