Air Ministry: Meteorological Office The Meteoro-logical Glossary


    THIS glossary shows signs of very thorough revision and is full of information in a compact and handy form, thereby fulfiling some of the functions of a text-book. There are charts and numerous diagrams, and a good deal of statistical and descriptive information about the climate of Great Britain is given under several of the headings, particularly in the section on rainfall. It is difficult to think of any term in any way connected with meteorology that is not given a place in the bold-type headings, and the names equivalent to the English of a number of meteorological phenomena are given at the end of the volume in several languages, at the request of the International Meteorological Committee. References in the articles to matters dealt with in other parts of the glossary conveniently appear in italics.

    Air Ministry: Meteorological Office. The Meteoro logical Glossary.

    (M.O. 22511.) Second edition, entirely rewritten. In continuation of The Weather Map. Published by the Authority of the Meteorological Committee. Pp. 233 + 12 plates. (London: H.M. Stationery Office, 1930.) 4s. 6d. net.

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