Modification of Quanta by Photo-ionisation


IN the course of further experiments on the phenomenon described by Dr. B. B. Ray (NATURE, May 17, p. 746, and June 7, 1930, p. 856), which was explained by Dr. Ray and one of us (NATURE, Sept. 13, 1930, p. 398) as a case of partial absorption of the quantum leading to photo-ionisation, we came across an interesting experimental result. On using the copper Kα1, α2 radiation and passing it through paraffin 1 mm. thick, we obtained a modified line on the long wave-length side, separated from the parent line by the approximate frequency distance Δv = R (R = Rydberg constant). We are inclined to interpret it as a case of photo-ionisation of hydrogen contained in paraffin in the combined state.

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BHARGAVA, S., MUKERJIE, J. Modification of Quanta by Photo-ionisation. Nature 127, 273 (1931).

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