Dictionary of Biological Equivalents: German-English


    IN 1921, Dr. Ernst Artschwager and Edwina M. Smiley published a small “Dictionary of Botanical Equivalents”, which was concerned with accurate translations ol French-English, German-English terms employed in botanical science. Now Dr. Artschwager has prepared another dictionary of German-English equivalents embracing the wide field of terms employed in biological science. Owing to the extreme specialisation in biology which, as the author points out in his preface, “has increasingly narrowed the working sphere of the individual”, the need for accurate, easily found translations of the technical terms employed is obvious, since every worker must needs keep abreast with related aspects of his own branch of natural science.

    Dictionary of Biological Equivalents: German-English.

    Ernst Artschwager. Pp. 239 (6 plates). (London: Bailliére, Tindall and Cox, 1930.) 20s. net.

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