Spectra of Te IV and Te VI


FOLLOWING the identification of the doublet system of Se IV (reported in NATURE of Oct. 11, 1930, p. 568, and recently communicated to the Royal Society), the corresponding spectrum of tellurium, of the same chemical group, has been examined. Vacuum spark spectra of the element, taken at Uppsala, in the region λ1400–λ400, have indicated the existence, among the lines of Te IV, of several pairs with separation 9222 cm.1, which could be easily assigned to the configurations 5s25p, 5s25d, ... and 5s5p2 of trebly ionised tellurium.

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RAO, K. Spectra of Te IV and Te VI. Nature 127, 236 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127236a0

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