Prof. H. W. Wiley


IN Harvey Washington Wiley, who died on June 30, we lose a man who was a great Uesanian warrior in the cause of pure food, a man of imperious character, officially a perfervid Puritan idealist and extremist, yet in the society of friends the perfect Yorick, “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy”. As first administrator of the American Food and Drugs Law, his own beloved child, he was nothing short of an all's-fair-in-love-and-war man: perforce, in fact, he had to adjust his methods of attack to the times and to those of his foes, as he was severely up against trade interests. He trod heavily upon not a few corns and it is clear that, occasionally, his pendulum swung beyond the limits of scientific reason; still, the end was one to justify almost any means. He had courage and, in large measure, won, as he definitely established a sound public opinion.

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