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    THE Worshipful Company of Woolmen has awarded a silver medal to Mr. F. F. Darling, of the University of Edinburgh, whose thesis on “Studies in the Biology of the Fleece of the Scottish Mountain Blackface Breed of Sheep” is considered as likely to prove basic to all future studies on both this particular breed of sheep and on other breeds in general. The Company has also awarded a silver medal to Mr. N. H. Chamberlain, of the University of Leeds, for a thesis upon “The Thermal Conductivity of Textile Materials and Fabrics”. Certificates of merit have been awarded to Miss Emma Stott, of the University of Leeds, for “A Contribution to the Theory of Milling: a New Method of Measuring the Scaliness of Fibres”, and to Mr. N. Cryer, of the University of Leeds, for a thesis on “Variation in Spindle Speed”. THE London County Council has again arranged courses of lectures for teachers, and a Handbook has been issued which includes synopses of the courses (County Hall, London, S.E.I). Last year the entries for these courses exceeded 14,000. Any person engaged in teaching in London, Croydon, Kent, Middlesex, or Essex is eligible for admission at fees which average less than Is. a lecture, while other teachers are admitted at fees 50 per cent higher. The lectures-undoubtedly form an important part of the educational system in London, for they bring teachers into touch with new developments in educational methods, and give them opportunities of hearing leading authorities in various branches of learning. Readers-of NATUBE will be interested in the following courses: Five special single geographical and travel lectures, by Mr. A. Victor Murray, Mr. J. A. Steers, Major R. W. G. Hingston, Dr. T. F. Chipp, and Dr. L. Dudley Stamp; and the courses on types of geographical regions (Dr. J. F. Unstead); geography in senior schools (Mr. R. H. Duce); history of geographical discovery (Prof. E. G. R. Taylor); mathematics in senior schools (Sir Percy Nunn); practical mathematics in senior schools (Mr. J. A. Phillips); psychology of the junior pupil (Prof. Cyril Burt); fundamentals of psychology (Dr. J. G. Vance); vocational guidance (staff of the National Institute of Industrial Psychology); science teaching in senior schools (Mr. G. H. Leslie); physics in senior schools (Prof. C. R. Darling); biology in senior schools (Miss. C. von Wyss). The attention which is being given to the needs of teachers taking up the new post-primary work is noteworthy. It is stated that the loan collection of lantern slides at the County Hall now exceeds one hundred thousand.

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