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    PARIS. Academy of Sciences, July 16.—The president announced the death of A. T. Schloesing, member of the Section of Rural Economy. Ch. Maurain, Mile. G. Homery, and G. Gibault: The vertical atmospheric current. At the Val-Joyeux Observatory the electric field is measured continuously and the conductivities corresponding to the positive and negative ions measured three times daily. Tables are given showing the values of the vertical currents deduced from these data. J. Courregelongue and H. Maugein: Some experiments on auto-oscillation and autorota-tion of immersed plates. Edgar Pierre Tawil: Stationary ultra-sonorous waves made visible in gases by the method of striae. A description of an apparatus capable of rendering visible the stationary waves produced in air by a piezo-electric crystal. Photographs are given. Herculano de Carvalho: The presence of uranium in mineral waters. The uranium-radium ratio. Uranium determinations have been made in waters from five springs, the amount found being of the order of 10.6 gm. per litre. There was no constant ratio between radium and uranium. F. Bourion and Mile O. Hun: The determination by the boiling method of the affinity relative to the formation of the complex ammonium iodide-cadmium iodide. Aumeras and Tamisier: The spectrophotometric study of the cupripyridine ion in aqueous solution. Mme. Ramart-Lucas and J. Hoch: The configuration of molecules in space. The absorption in the ultra-violet of the acids CBH5(CH2)n·CO·OH, C6H5(CHa)n·(CO·OH)2 and the hydro-carbons C6H5 (CH2)n C6H5. Sebastien Sabetay and Jean Bleger: The chromic oxidation of the cyclane-polyols. By the oxidation of quinite in acetic an-hydride solution by chromic anhydride, cyclohexan-dione is obtained in good yield (56 per cent theoretical yield): its physical properties and chemical reactions are given. Charles Dufraisse and Marius Badoche: Researches on the dissociable organic oxides: the transformation of oxyrabrene into a non-dissociable isomer, iso-oxyrubrene. A probable formula is assigned to this oxide, but it is still difficult to suggest a formula for oxyrubrene which explains its property of dissociation with liberation of oxygen. Marcel Solignac: The mineralogical characters of the oolitic iron mineral of Djebel el Ank, southern Tunis. Jean Lugeon: Measurements of the ionisation, of the electric field, and of atmospherics on Mt. Blanc.

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