Science and Industry in Bristol


NINETY-POUR years ago the British Association, then but six years old, visited Bristol. After holding its first gathering at York in 1831, it had met at Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Dublin, and then breaking away from the universities it came to a city the history of which is bound up with shipping, manufacture, and trade. Bristol today possesses its own university, with buildings which in beauty and dignity rival any to be found elsewhere, yet its geographical position and the energy and enterprise of its citizens have made it one of our chief commercial centres, and such it will probably remain. “The story of the trade of Bristol for a thousand years”, said Mr. Baldwin when Prime Minister, is the story of the trade of England”, and at the recent summer meeting of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers the Lord Mayor and others referred with pride to Bristol's multiplicity of manufactures, volume of shipping, fine docks, air port, and municipal activities.

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SMITH, E. Science and Industry in Bristol. Nature 126, 353–354 (1930).

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