A Large Power Plant at Billingham-on-Tees

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    IN a paper read to the Institution of Electrical Engineers on Mar. 13, H. A. Humphrey, D. M. Buist, and J. W. Bansall gave a complete description of the new industrial power plant which has been erected by Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., for the factory at Billingham-on-Tees belonging to Synthetic Ammonia and Nitrates, Ltd. The conditions governing the design of this power plant differ from those relating to a public electricity supply station. The extension programme required nearly 7000 tons of steam per day for process purposes as well as 37,500 kilowatts of electrical power. The quantity of steam required for process purposes is double that required to generate the electrical energy. Hence the boiler plant capacity had to be made three times as great as if electrical power only had been required.

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