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    FOR the centenary meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, which will be held in London next year on Sept. 23–30, the Council has unanimously resolved to nominate Gen. the Right Hon. J. C. Smuts as president of the Association, and he has accepted the nomination. It was felt that, for the London meeting, the president should be a leading statesman or other representative of the British Empire with scientific interests instead of being distinguished for work in a particular branch of science. Usually, the presidents elected represent alternately the physical and the biological sciences, and little consideration is given to the appropriateness or otherwise of their special subjects to the place of meeting. If the Prince of Wales had not been president of the Oxford meeting in 1926, he would obviously have been of unique significance as president of the centenary meeting in London. His interests in South Africa suggest, however, that he would welcome the nomination of Gen. Smuts, who is so very highly respected in that country.

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