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THE new submarine escape dresses designed by Mr. R. H. Davis have been successfully used at a depth of 130 ft. at Loch Long and have since been adopted by the Admiralty. Every man in the submarine service will have to have one, just as the soldier has his gas mask. In case of accidental sinking of a submarine, each man will at once put on the dress and partly fill the breathing bag from the small oxygen cylinder which is fixed below the bag, and then breathe in and out of the bag through a cartridge of soda lime which is put inside to absorb the exhaled carbon dioxide. Then the submarine will be flooded so as to equalise the air and the water pressure, and allow a hatch to be opened through which the men will float up one by one and reach the surface; the breathing bag, acting as a balloon, will take them there. There is an escape valve provided for preventing over-distension of the bag.

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