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DR. DE WILD has made an examination of the pigments used in painting Dutch pictures from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century inclusive, by micro-chemical methods, thus enabling him to use tiny samples without injury to the pictures, and carrying on the work done by former chemists such as Raehlmann and Laurie. The work, on the whole, confirms the conclusion formerly arrived at as to the pigments used at different periods in painting, but adds much detailed information on the pigments of the Dutch school during this period. The beautiful photomicrographs of actual examples are well worth looking at.

The Scientific Examination of Pictures: an Investigation of the Pigments used by the Dutch and Flemish Masters from the Brothers Van Eyck to the Middle of the 19th Century.

By Dr. A. Martin de Wild. Translated from the Dutch by Dr. L. C. Jackson. Pp. xv + 106 + 46 plates. (London: G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1929.) 15s. net.

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