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    PEOF. J. Y. SIMPSONS three Terry Lectures delivered at Yale last year will interest those students of science who are not indifferent to the speculative and religious bearings of their subject. The first lecture summarises the results of recent astronomical and physical science. The second lecture, which is anthropological, takes an optimistic view of human nature, accepting Elliot Smiths view that ‘savagery’ is not natural to man, and expressing the opinion that “human nature not merely can be, but is being changed”, and (what seems too good to be true) that “we stand on the threshold of an Age of Reason”

    Nature: Cosmic, Human and Divine.

    By James Young Simpson. (The Terry Lectures, Yale University, 1929.) Pp.ix + 157. (London: Oxford University Press, 1929.) 6s. net.

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