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    THIS little volume is “the result of an attempt to simplify and condense into a readable form the gist of the Theory of Errors”. It deals with the elements of probability, normal curves of error, distribution of errors, lines of closest fit, correlation coefficients and ratios, observational errors, and so on. The text is clearly and simply written, and is well illustrated by graphical diagrams. The chief mathematical theorems upon which the theory of error depend are not given in the text, but are established separately in an appendix at the end. Here the author has wisely aimed at giving clear and simple demonstrations in order that the mathematical treatment may be within the range of the non-specialist. In this he has in general succeeded; nevertheless, a fair amount of mathematical knowledge is necessary to appreciate fully some of the proofs, especially those dealing with the fundamental integrals.

    The Adjustment of Errors in Practical Science.

    By R. W. M. Gibbs. Pp. 112. (London: Oxford University Press, 1929.) 5s. net.

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