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DR. KRABBE spent the best part of twenty years as a physician in Greenland, during which time he visited most of the inhabited parts. He is thus exceptionally well qualified to give a general account of the country, and particularly its inhabitants and their social conditions. The book, which is printed in parallel columns in Danish and English, gives an admirable survey of the present state of the country and a sketch of its history. It is of interest to note that the native population, under the care of the Danes, has increased from 10,000 in 1886 to more than 14,000 in 1926.

Greenland: its Nature, Inhabitants and History.

By Th. N. Krabbe. Translated from the Danish by Annie I. Fausbøll. Pp. xvi + 129 + ix + 170 plates. (Copenhagen: Levin and Munksgarrd; London: Oxford University Press, 1930.) Paper, 33s. net; cloth, 40s. net.

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