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    BY a judicious selection of extracts, Prof. Huxley here presents the pith of Darwins argument in support of the theory of natural selection, and in such a way that the layman in biology should have no difficulty either in grasping the essentials or in avoiding misconceptions. The introduction, after showing the far-reaching effect of the appearance of The Origin of Species, contains a valuable discussion of the present position in the light of recent advances in biological knowledge, especially of Mendelism; while occasional footnotes direct attention to facts not known to Darwin. A short bibliography of modern works relating to evolution, and a glossary, are included.

    What Darwin Really Said: connected Extracts from the “Origin of Species”.

    With an Introduction by Prof. Julian Huxley. (Routledge Introductions to Modern Knowledge. No. 8.) Pp. 80. (London: George Routledge and Sons, Ltd., 1929.) 6d. net.

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