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    THIS volume is supplementary to the original four. It deals entirely with botanical data and is to be followed by a zoological volume. A variety of matters relating to the biology of plants are tabulated. Beginning with a fist of all the species of alga which have been cultured, many other facts which are amenable to tabulation concerning algal cultures are given. In similar fashion, many facts concerning bacterial and fungal culture and media are tabulated. Sections follow dealing with such subjects as sex in plants, germination, growth, and many other physiological topics in tabular form. Another section is ecological, and the volume ends with an appendix on enzymes and an index of all botanical references in the five volumes.

    Tabulæ Biologicæ.

    Ed.: W. Junk, Herausgegeben von C. Oppenheimer und L. Pincussen. Supplement 1 (Band 5): Botanik; Biologie der Algen; Bakteriologie; Hefen- und Schimmel-Pilze; Geschlechter-Verteilung; Kern-Plasma-Relations; Keimung; Wachstum; Allgemeine Physiologie; Assimilation; Periodizität; Experimentelle Ökologie. Pp. vi + 821. (Berlin: W. Junk, 1929.) 90 gold marks.

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