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    (1) MR. DRIBERGS “People of the Small Arrow” is a graphic description of characteristic events in the life of the Didinga of the hill country of the Sudan bordering upon Abyssinia. The name here used is derived from the miniature arrow with which they bleed their cattle. Mr. Driberg was the first European to visit them, and a residence of some years among them has given him an intimate knowledge upon which he has been able to base these sketches of the normal course of their daily life. Drought, warfare, cattle tending, agriculture, love, marriage, birth and death, are all described graphically as we would look to a novelist or descriptive writer to deal with the life of a community in a western civilisation. Mr. Dribergs special, and it may be said difficult, task has been to make intelligible the springs of action in custom and belief which determine the conduct of the individuals as individuals and as members of the social organism.

    (1) “.

    J. H. Driberg. Pp. v + 338. (London: George Routledge and Sons, Ltd., 1930.) 10s. 6d. net.

    (2) Jungle Gods.

    Carl von Hoffman. Eugene Löhrke. Pp. xxiv + 286 + 20 plates. (London: Constable and Co., Ltd., 1929.) 10s. net.

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