Big Game Hunting and Collecting

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    NUMBERS of men, first-class old sportsmen, have lived long years and shot many lions in the bush regions of Central Africa, but unfortunately few of them have ventured or been able to put down their experiences on paper. As often as not it is the man with more imagination than experience who ventures into print. Mr. Kittenberger, however, is one of the few. During ten years in the lion country, shooting and trapping wild animals almost continuously, he killed thirty or more lions, suffered one severe mauling, and has survived to set down his experiences in a book of more than usual interest, adding as it does to our knowledge of the habits of Africas great game. His account, occupying the first third of the book, of his many adventures with the so-called “King of Beasts” is, we think, one of the best and least coloured that has been written. In reading some of his descriptions of hunts and exciting incidents, one may almost smell the pungent odour of the great night-prowler after meat.

    Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa, 1903–1926.

    By Kálmán Kittenberger. Translated from Hungarian. Pp. xix + 348 + 127 plates. (London: Edward Arnold and Co., 1929.) 25s. net.

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