The South Africa Meeting of the British Association


    ARRANGEMENTS are now actively in hand for the meeting of the British Association in South Africa, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, next July and August, under the presidency of Sir Thomas Holland, rector of the Imperial College of Science and Technology. The following sectional presidents have been appointed: Section A (Mathematical and Physical Sciences), Right Hon. Lord Rayleigh; Section B (Chemistry), Prof. G. Barger; Section C (Geology), Sir Albert Kitson; Section D (Zoology), Prof. D. M. S. Watson; Section E (Geography), Brigadier E. M. Jack; Section F (Economics), Prof. Henry Clay; Section G (Engineering), Prof. F. C. Lea; Section H (Anthropology), Mr. Henry Balfour; Section I (Physiology), Prof. W. E. Dixon; Section J (Psychology), Mr. F. C. Bartlett; Section K (Botany), Prof. A. C. Seward; Section L (Education), Dr. C. W. Kimmins; Section M (Agriculture), Sir Robert Greig.

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