Table 2 Homozygous deletions (log2ratio <−2.0) detected in OSCC cell lines by array-CGH analysis using MCG Cancer Array-800 and Whole Genome Array-4500

From: PRTFDC1, a possible tumor-suppressor gene, is frequently silenced in oral squamous-cell carcinomas by aberrant promoter hypermethylation

No BAC Locus a Cell line (total 18) Possible candidate gene b Number of known gene
   Chromosome band Position n Name   
1 RP11-91K6 2q24.1-q24.2 chr2:159,678,005-159,832,799 1 HO-1-N-1 None 23
2 RP11-165A20
10p12.1 chr10:25,269,606-25,426,074
1 HSC-6 None 17
  1. Abbreviations: Array-CGH, array-based comparative genomic hybridization; BAC, bacterial artificial chromosome; OSCC, oral squamous-cell carcinoma.
  2. aBased on UCSC Genome Browser, May 2004 Assembly.
  3. bGenes located around BAC, whose homozygous deletion was validated by genomic PCR.