Table 1 Growth inhibition induced by Casodex and NU2058 in prostate cancer cell lines

From: Therapeutic potential of CDK inhibitor NU2058 in androgen-independent prostate cancer

Cell line GI50M)a
  Casodex NU2058
LNCaP 6±3b 15±4
LNCaP-cdxR 24±5* 17±3
LNCaP-AI >30* 10±2
PC3 >30* 38±3*
DU145 >30* 14±1
CWR22Rv1c >30* 46±8*
  1. *Significantly different from LNCaP (P<0.05).
  2. aGI50 is the concentration of drug required to inhibit growth by 50% after 4 days of continuous exposure.
  3. bData are mean±s.d. of GI50 values from at least three independent experiments.
  4. cCWR22Rv1 cells have a doubling time of 3 days, so GI50 values were calculated after 9 days of continuous exposure.