Table 1 Clinicopathological characteristics of OSCC primary tumors

From: Identification of homozygous deletions of tumor suppressor gene FAT in oral cancer using CGH-array

Case Age/sex Tumor location TNM stage
 T1 69/M Buccal mucosa T4N2bM0
 T2 60/M Tongue T2N0M0
 T3 83/F Gingiva T2N0M0
 T4 85/F Gingiva T2N0M0
 T5 52/F Tongue T2N0M0
 T6 24/M Tongue T2N0M0
 T7 55/M Tongue T1N0M0
 T8 63/M Tongue T1N0M0
 T9 81/F Gingiva T2N0M0
T10 60/M Buccal mucosa T4N1M0
T11 73/F Gingiva T4N1M0
T12 65/M Tongue T1N0M0
T13 57/M Gingiva T4N1M0
T14 56/M Buccal mucosa T2N0M0
T15 88/F Tongue T2N0M0
T16 37F Tongue T2N0M0
T17 91/F Tongue T2N0M0
T18 79/M Tongue T4N1M0
T19 65/M Oral floor T2N0M0
T20 71/M Tongue T2N0M0
  1. TMN, tumor-node-metastasis; F, female; M, male.
  2. OSSC, oral squamous cell carcinoma.