Table 2 Prevalence of allelic imbalance on 19p in lung carcinomas of asbestos exposed and non-exposed patients according to histological tumor type

From: Gene expression and copy number profiling suggests the importance of allelic imbalance in 19p in asbestos-associated lung cancer

  Asbestos-exposed Non-exposed P-valuea
All histological tumor types 26/33 (79%) 13/29 (45%) 0.008
Adenocarcinomasb 9/13 (69%) 8/12 (67%) 1.0
Other histological tumor types 17/20 (85%) 5/17 (29%) 0.0004
  1. aThe permutation test (with 10 000 permutations) was used to detect differences in AI frequencies between the asbestos exposed and non-exposed patients.
  2. bThe numbers of histological tumor types other than adenocarcinomas were not sufficient for separate statistical analysis on the relation of AI in 19p and asbestos exposure.